Our Program


McLeans Road Kindergarten curriculum is underpinned by The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia (Belonging, Being and Becoming) and the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework.

The emphasis in the Frameworks is on the planned or intentional aspects of the curriculum. In the early childhood setting curriculum means ‘all the interactions, experiences, activities, routines and events, planned and unplanned, that occur in an environment designed to foster children’s learning and development.


The curriculum provides periods of uninterrupted play and exploration. The Framework supports a model of curriculum decision-making as an ongoing cycle. This involves the educators at Mc Leans Road Kindergarten drawing on their professional knowledge, including their in-depth knowledge of each child. Working in partnership with families, the educators at McLeans Road Kindergarten use the Learning Outcomes- Identity, Community, Wellbeing, Learning and Communication, to guide their planning for children’s learning. In order to engage children actively in learning, the educators at McLeans RoadKindergarten identify children’s strengths and interests, choose appropriate teaching strategies and design the learning environment. The educators at McLeans RoadKindergarten carefully assess learning to inform further planning.

Play is vital to the children’s learning. Children learn most effectively through actions rather than instructions. Play is a resource for children to construct their own knowledge. Through touching, manipulating, exploring and testing children find out about themselves and their relationships with others. At McLeans Road Kindergarten we provide different size play spaces to encourage individuals, small groups and large groups of children to interact.


  • Enables children to make sense of their world
  • Develops social and cultural understandings
  • Allows children to express their thoughts and feelings
  • Encourages flexible and divergent thinking
  • Provides opportunities to meet and solve real problems
  • Develops language and literacy skills
  • Develops numeracy skills and mathematical concepts

The curriculum provides periods of uninterrupted play and exploration. It allows children to investigate and extend experiences. It reflects the diversity of children and their families. The curriculum is a blend of intentional teaching and child initiated learning experiences. The educators follow and lead the children’s strengths, skills and knowledge through careful planning and flexibility.