Fees & Sessions

Four year old $410 per term

2019 Fees & Session Times


4 year olds
$410 per term


8.30 – 4:00
7 Hours 30 min


8.30 – 4:00
7 Hours 30 min

Mcleans Road Kindergarten – Fees Policy

Fees are to be paid in advance by the date specified on the invoice. Invoices will be sent with sufficient time for payment before the due date. Fee’s must be paid on time to ensure your child’s ongoing position at McLeans Rd Kindergarten.

A place-holding fee of $50 is required for 4 year old enrolments at the time of your acceptance of your application. The balance of term 1 fees less $50 holding fee will be sent to you in your AGM pack and total payment will need to be paid on AGM Night in November, to secure your place.

Payment by cheque, cash, money order or direct debit into our bank account are the only acceptable methods of payment.

Payment by cheque, cash or money order – payments are to be placed in the red fee box in an envelope with clear identification of who is making the payment.

Payment by direct debit – please ensure your invoice number or child’s name is clearly included in the payment narration.

If at any time you are having difficulty making a payment please contact our Bookkeeper to arrange a payment by instalment before the due date. All payments by this method must be concluded by the end of term.


Unpaid fees procedure

If fees are not received by the due date and an instalment program has not been implemented then you will be sent an overdue statement and you will have 7 days to make a payment.

If after 7 days full payment has not been received by the Kindergarten you will be sent a final letter. This letter will also advise that due to non-payment we will assume that your child’s position is no longer required at the kindergarten and offer your child’s position to the next child on the waiting list.

The Committee will then take action to recover the debt via a debt collection agency.


Health Care Card Subsidy

This is available for children in our 4 year old program only. Two $50 maintenance payments over the year is required if you are the holder of a current Health Care Card.